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An Outbound Automotive call with… DAF Trucks UK

DAF trucks are truly a global force within the industry, manufacturing and selling their vast product range all around the world. Outbound Automotive had a call with the marketing department at their UK head office in Haddenham, Buckinghamshire, to discuss their operations.

DAF trucks is a global brand with manufacturing in several countries including The Netherlands, Brazil and Australia. There is also a manufacturing plant here in the UK, in Leyland, Lancashire. Please could you explain what happens at that plant?

Leyland Trucks is PACCAR’s established centre for light and medium-duty truck design and development, and manufactures the full range of DAF products, of which approximately 40% is exported to all European Union markets and the wider world. Most right-hand drive DAF vehicles are manufactured in Leyland Trucks meaning almost all DAF vehicles operating in the UK & Ireland are built here in the UK.


What departments make up DAF Trucks UK, and in which way does the head office support the dealer network, with regards to brand awareness, marketing and customer engagement.

DAF UK has it’s head office in Haddenham, Buckinghamshire, from where it oversees truck sales, parts and service support delivered by the DAF dealer network. DAF UK also offers a comprehensive range of services to support operators, including DAF MultiSupport Repair & Maintenance, DAFaid Roadside Assistance, DAF Fleet Services and DAF Connect fleet management. The DAF UK headquarters is also home to the DAF Academy which delivers training for members of the DAF dealer network in Sales and After Sales.


As well as the usual trucks we see on our roads, DAF manufacture special trucks, buses and agricultural equipment, could you elaborate on that and how these are supplied to customers, whether via the head office or a separate dealer network?

 DAF offers a broad range of trucks to suit diverse applications, including specialist vehicles through it’s dealer network. Alongside DAF Trucks, DAF Components is a leading independent supplier of components such as engines, axles and cabs supplied to manufacturers of buses, coaches, off-road vehicles and specialist vehicles for agriculture and industry all over the world. The DAF Dealer Network is there to back-up DAF Components with support around the clock.


A very important subject for us all, CO2 emissions and local air quality is an extremely challenging situation for the automotive industry, especially for diesel trucks! How are DAF as a manufacturer moving towards more sustainable road transport?

DAF is investing and exploring many solutions to reduce the environmental impact of goods transport including electric, hybrid and hydrogen-fuelled alternatives, whilst continuing to refine and develop it’s range of diesel engines and vehicle designs for maximum fuel efficiency. DAF was the first manufacturer to offer a range of electric zero-emission trucks and is leading in developing solutions for a broad range of applications.